How to Authenticate a Site

WP-Search gives priority to authenticated sites with verified site ownership.

  • Authenticated sites are not deleted in periodic deletion of site data.
  • Authenticated sites are given priority on the list page of themes, plugins, hostings, etc.

Site authentication is not available for adult sites and dating sites.

If the authorisation code is loaded with a delay, it may not be recognised correctly.

How to authenticate your site

To become an authenticated site, place the authentication code on your managed website.

The authentication code must be placed unchanged on the “homepage” of your website.

Type of authentication code

Image version

Authentication Code

<a href="" rel="noopener" target="_blank"><img width="234" height="60" alt="WP-Search | WordPress Theme, Plugin, Hosting Detector & Design Examples Showcase" src=""></a>

Display Image

WP-Search | WordPress Theme, Plugin, Hosting Detector & Design Examples Showcase

Text version

Authentication Code

<p>This site is listed on <a href="" rel="noopener" target="_blank">WP-Search</a> as an example site</p>

Display Image

This site is listed on WP-Search as an example site

Reflection timing of site authentication

Detect the “homepage” URL of your website in WP-Search.

If the cache is still there, try again after a while.

If the display does not change, please try clearing your browser cache.

How to confirm site authentication

If the authentication code is recognized correctly, your site will be classified under the “Authenticated Site” tag.

If you are having trouble with site authentication, please contact us through the contact page.

How to stop site authentication

Delete the authentication code placed on your website.

Detect the “homepage” URL of your website in WP-Search, as you did when authenticating the site.